Standard Blue Merle Girl

  • AKC/ASCA registered
  • 20 inches
  • 50 pounds
  • NHEJ1 N/N
  • CNGB3 N/N
  • SOD1 N/N
  • HSF4 N/N
  • SLC2A9 N/N
  • MDR1 N/N
  • BEST1 N/N
  • CLN6 N/N
  • PRCD N/N
  • PENNHIP 141758
  • RIGHT DI=0.33 LEFT DI =0.44
  • OFA Hip Good # 2143938
  • OFA Elbow Joints Normal
  • Full/Scissors Bite


Charlotte is as sweet as they come! Her face and gentle disposition will melt your heart the instant you meet her! She has a zest for life, and enjoys entertaining herself with toys and adventure. She loves to be right there next to you, interested in whatever you are doing. Sometimes she even tries to help out, lol! She is very sweet and a delight to have around.

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