Standard Black Tri Girl

  • AKC
  • 20 inches
  • 52 pounds
  • NHEJ1 N/N
  • CNGB3 N/N
  • SOD1 N/N
  • HSF4 N/N
  • SLC2A9 N/N
  • MDR1 N/N
  • BEST1 N/N
  • CLN6 N/N
  • PRCD N/N
  • PENNHIP # 160004
  • RIGHT DI=0.52 LEFT DI =0.50
  • OFA Hips Good
  • OFA Elbows Normal
  • Full/Scissors Bite

Solo is much like her Parents Gypsy & Mojo in the manner that she plays and has fun and is a sweet Aussie. Wonderful personalty, she is nice size like most of our girls here, but she has a bigger than ever personality.  She is a quirky  girl who zoom zooms all over the place just as fast as she can go when you first let her out. "She wants to make sure she did not miss anything while she was put up" LOL We love this beautiful girl. Genetically clear by parentage.

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