Lady Bug

Standard Blue Merle Girl

  • AKC
  • 20 inches
  • 50 pounds
  • NHEJ1 N/N
  • CNGB3 N/N
  • SOD1 N/N
  • HSF4 N/N
  • SLC2A9 N/N
  • MDR1 N/N
  • BEST1 N/N
  • CLN6 N/N
  • PRCD N/N
  • PENNHIP 129049
  • RIGHT DI=0.34 LEFT DI =0.35
  • Full/Scissors Bite

Ladybug is a wonderful young lady. Medium drive. Love to be with people. She is a first time mama and is doing a fantastic job with her little ones.  She is super attentive and is doing a wonderful job with her pups. I swear she milks straight cream.  Her puppies are beyond chubby LOL Here puppies with Odie are amazing.

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