Standard Blue Merle Girl

  • AKC registered
  • 20 inches
  • 48 pounds
  • NHEJ1 N/N
  • CNGB3 N/N
  • SOD1 N/N
  • HSF4 N/N
  • SLC2A9 N/N
  • MDR1 N/N
  • BEST1 N/N
  • CLN6 N/N
  • PRCD N/N
  • PENNHIP 144217
  • RIGHT DI=0.50 LEFT DI =0.47
  • Full/Scissors Bite


Derby, is a home grown daughter of Maggie & Blake and is pretty great in our books.  We love her sunny disposition and kick back attitude.  She is happy go lucky comes in a mighty pretty package. Check out this girls  copper points, are outta this world! True shadow, she has to be everywhere we are. We are excited for Derby future here at High Deseret Aussies and cannot wait to see how her puppies mature!

She she genetically clear by parentage.

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