We are a small breeder that strives to produce healthy and well socialized puppies
 that make a wonderful addition to your home.
Our Puppies have excelled in obedience, agility, tracking,
 service work and most of all Life-Time family companions.
 We are located in the beautiful Central Oregon.

A happy Aussie is a good Aussie.
 They are very intelligent and trainable dogs and excel in activities like flyball,
 frisbee, agility and any thing that keeps their mind and body occupied. 
Aussies are loyal family members with big hearts.
They love being with people.
All Aussies make excellent watch dogs and
 are very protective of their family and property.
 If you do not have the time to spend with them,
 then a Aussie may not be the breed for you.

Please do the research before buying a Aussie.


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